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                                                             HITHERSIDE - Jennifer Summer

 One singing, American red head and one very talented Belgium multi-Instrumentalist bond together to create infectious songs containing amazing guitar riff's , texture's and memorable melody's with big dose's of lush harmonies mixed in. 

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                                                              RAVEN X - Nyx

RAVEN  X was formed in 2006 by Guirtarist Khaos and  Vocalist Nyx.

Their music is a blend of  Progressive, Gothic  and Death Metal with hint's of  Industrial and Black Metal added into the mix . 

Combing the powerful death growl's and euphonically clean vocals of Nyx with the crushingly heavy and symphonically melodic guitar work of Khaos, Raven X create's a highly original form of avant-gard Metal.

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                                                                   FAITH & SCARS - Alyse 


Faith & Scars were born out of the betrayal and heartbreak, out of another project. The surviving members had the drive and passion to continue their dream, recruiting a few new member's with the same destination in mind.  Since their rebirth the band has continued to move forward, honing their craft into a haunting aray of emotion, with enchanting vocals, chilling riff's / solo's and Soul Shaking Drum beat's & Bass lines.  CHECK OUT FAITH & SCARS ON FACEBOOK and REVERBNATION !

                                     ONE SOUL THRUST- Salem

 One Soul Thrust  ( 1st for short) put's their passion where their mouth is. Out of that mouth come's the signature style, Via Lead Vocalist / songwriter Salem Jones. Their style Modern, yet, Classic Rock influenced lend's itself to success without compromise.

From pure Rock to Soulful Blue's , it's all Rock and executed with percision, experience and creativity .. but it start's with passion. VISIT 1st ON FACEBOOK!


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